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Content Production Studio:
Kharazmi University established its educational content production studio in July 2019 as a part of e-learning center. This studio was designed and built in a space of 160 square meters and currently provides various services as follows:

Filming and Video Editing Services
With the growth of virtual networks in recent years, the production of video content (video marketing) has provided a great opportunity for individuals and businesses to advertise their products and services. This studio provides the requirements to produce various contents, including advanced cameras, professional lighting, audio and video recording equipment, 75-inch screen, Chromakey Curtain, and a soundproof hall with a capacity of 34 people.

Podcast Production Room
Podcast production has also become one of the important methods in content creation. The art of speaking and the technique of attractive expression can help to express emotions better to the audience. Hence, the podcast fans are constantly increasing. The e-learning center provides the necessary facilities for podcast production, including advanced audio recording equipment, dead room, etc.
• Editing Hall
This hall has four advanced computer systems that provide the possibility of high quality editing audio and video content or making educational animations.

Silent Room
Two silent rooms are placed in e-learning center for holding online virtual classes or recording educational content for offline classes.

Studio Interior Design
The unique design of the studio creates a good feeling in the audience. The following pictures are the different parts of the studio:

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