Introduction to e-learning center

 | Post date: 2024/02/12 | 
 The e-learning center of Kharazmi University attempts to take steps towards strengthening the ability to innovate and respond to challenges and utilising potential capacities through holding various training courses with the help of experienced instructors from Kharazmi University as well as other universities. This center organizes short term/long term courses such as MBA and DBA courses as well as various workshops and seminars based on the target community needs. 
  • Vision statement

The e-learning center of Kharazmi University has been initiated as a academic center in order to strengthen knowledge and skills with acceptable quality, so that it can play a role across the national, regional, and international levels in various scientific and educational fields.

  • Mission Statement

The e-learning center of Kharazmi University is committed to provide wide access to high-quality education to individuals. We design strengths-based experiences that are welcoming, supportive, and readily accessible to all, particularly those who most need them like company employees, etc. Therefore, individuals could benefit from modern educational technologies, experienced instructors, consultants, and flexible learning conditions.
To work toward our vision and fulfill our purpose, we:

Develop educational and specialized abilities of Kharazmi University to comply with the virtual education environment.
Help to improve the level of knowledge and specialized skills of individuals by creating opportunities for them to access higher education.
Facilitate programs and services for educators and learners to develop, practice, and reflect on their approaches.
Invite experienced instructors regardless of time and place limitations to meet the educational needs of employees in all types of organizations.
Organize workshops and seminars based on the target community needs. 
Provide studio for producing educational contents
Supervise and/or implemente all courses conducted by e-learning center
Manage and support Kharazmi University’s Learning Management System (LMS)
Provide international certificates of completion of training courses


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